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in this way这样 . 用这种方法 . 以这种方式 The work should be done in this way. 应该这样做工作。 on the way to 在去…途中 She is on the way to the park. 她正在去公园的路上。 on this way 没用过

on the way 在半路上,在途中,后加to,可表示正在去……的途中 I saw him on the way home. 我在回家路上见到了他。 in the way 妨碍,当道 Lawmakers should not let outrage over bonuses stand in the way of essential action. 议员们不应该对...

on this way 在这条路上 After a decade of carrying on this way valerie hit rock bottom. 如此荒唐10年后,瓦莱丽的人生走到了低谷。

on that way 在那路上

A.this way 这边走的意思 the classroom building is in front of the school library Where is your classroom?


应该是; 歌名;I WANNE THAT WAY - 乐队;BACKSTREETS BOYS 1998年流行到暴的

That might?just work my way.那也许是适合我的方式?No need to walk away.不需要逃避?Don't want to?live on life?replay.不想活在过往的重复里?Things ...

down On A Sunny Day yesterday And Days Before Sun Is Cold And Rain Is Hot I Know Been That Way For All My21 10.now aper Are Tears From ...

gazing through the window at the world outside 注视着窗户外面的世界 wondering will mother earth survive 很想知道地球母亲会不会存活下去 hoping that mankind will stop abusing her sometime 希望人类有一天能停止对她的虐待 After all ...

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