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A gooD wAy to Do

a good way to do sth.

A 试题分析:原句意思是,骑自行车兜风是一种很好的运动,并且很容易做。分析句子结构,形容词后的不定式是主语补语,答案为A。点评:解答此类题型要掌握不定式的基本用法,同时还要仔细分析句子结构,主语补语与主语不是被动关系,由此可排除...

a way to do sth 中文翻译: 用某种方法或技术去做某事。 相关例句: Listening to English news on radio is a good way to improve your English listening ability. 在收音机上听英语新闻是学习英语的好方法。 Listsening and writting is a ...


这个涉及单词的用法,way 后面加 动词不定式通常译作做什么什么的方式。还有像answer,approach这类单词也是这样用的

It is a good way to cleaning our house.

a healthy body is necessary for a healthy mind.as is known,to have a sound mind,we must first have a sound body.this is of vital importance.only by keeping ourselves healthy and strong can we feel energetic and vigorous in stud...


Doing exercise/Exercising can help people to keep health. It makes your heart and body strong. You can exercise three or four times a week. Half an hour each time is enough. There are many ways to do exercise. You can go runni...

it is a good way to keep healthy.

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